Waiting for Anya

Waiting for Anya


IMDb: 6.0

Duration: 109 min

Set in the southern French village of Lescun during the Second World War, the movie opens with scenes of the densely populated northern part of France, occupied by German soldiers and the colorful, happy and relaxed town in the south.Jo Lalande (Noah Schnapp) is a young shepherd boy, happily doing his daily chores and relishing his childhood. However, with his father away at war, Jo is now the man of the house. After a bear cub loses its mother, Jo meets a mysterious man (Frederick Schmidt) in the forest, who picks up the cub and carries it home to care for it. Jo follows stealthily behind, unbeknownst to the mystery man, until he they reach the home of the Widow Horcada (Anjelica Huston), a formidable woman who, in addition to her late husband, also lost her daughter.Eavesdropping, undetected, from just outside the window, Jo learns that the man is Jewish and his name is Benjamin. Jo learns that he could get into serious danger if he is seen in town and also overhears that he is waiting for his daughter, Anya (Dolma Raisson), to come find him, as they were separated in the northern part of France and agreed to meet in the south. He smuggles Jewish children to safety, taking them by foot, over the mountains, across the border into Spain. The Widow Horcada is very concerned for Benjamin's safety but nevertheless, helps by hiding the children and providing them with food and clothing, if little comfort. Jo begins to help the widow and Benjamin with errands, in order to gain their trust.German soldiers take over the previously peaceful village and things turn increasingly more difficult. With most of the town's people succumbing to and cooperating with the Germans, transporting the Jewish children across the border becomes increasingly more dangerous. Jo, his grandfather Henri (Jean Reno), Benjamin and the Widow Horcada come up with a plan to get the children out. All of the townspeople would have to help the children escape, and the Germans must not know or notice anything, for if they are caught, that will be the end of them. The children are taken safely across into Spain, except for Benjamin and a little girl named Leah (Enola Izquierdo Cicuendez).The bear that Benjamin saved earlier as a cub, causes him to be captured by the Germans. Once they're caught by the Germans, they are sent to a concentration camp, to be killed.Shortly thereafter, the war ends and Jo's grandfather marries the Widow Horcada. One day, a telegram arrives from Anya, announcing her imminent arrival.

Genre: Action   Drama   Thriller   War


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