IMDb: 6.9

Duration: 106 min

Annie is a fourteen year old girl who loves chatting online. She meets a boy in a chat room who calls himself Charlie. He tells her he is 16, and they talk a lot although she has never actually seen him.Her parents, who only know his name, are caught up in other problems and don't have time to talk to her about it. When she receives a laptop on her birthday, she starts sending pictures of herself to Charlie. He reveals that he isn't 16, but 20. Later he changes and says he is really 25. Annie's brother leaves for college, and their parents go to drop him off. Charlie suggests that they meet in the mall. Annie agrees and says she loves him.When she arrives and waits at the mall, a 35+ year old man comes and introduces himself as Charlie. Annie is shocked but he soon draws her over, using the trust he built up over two months. He buys her a present and then takes her willingly to a motel. The present is a red bra and panties. She tries it on and shows him in the room. He gradually seduces her, then has sex with her, while taking a video of it without her knowledge.Afterwards, she cannot contact him and unluckily for her, her best friend has spotted the two together. She complains to the principal and Annie is taken away for tests and evidence exams. Her parents learn the story and are shocked when Annie says she still loves Charlie . The FBI enter and take over the case, and start a crackdown on predators. Annie's father, not satisfied with this, takes matters into his own hands, tracking down the predator. Annie's family soon begins to fall apart. Later Annie finally finds out that Charlie was using her when the FBI show pictures of three other girls he raped, two of whom were the same age as Annie and one having only been 12 years old. She begins to hate him. However, she goes back to school again and makes up with her friend, who lets slip about a sex website. On logging in to the website she finds a pornographic picture of a man and a woman whose face has been digitally edited with a picture of Annie following a caption saying "Annie likes Dick". She runs home and takes an overdose of pills to kill herself.She is found by her father and is rushed to the hospital, where she recovers. She finally comes to terms with herself and their life returns to normal. Later in the end, video camera footage is shown of a man who is recording a young boy who appears to be the mans son. The boy takes the camera from the man and turns it towards him, revealing him to be Charlie. The two are then approached by a boy who introduces Charlie to his parents as his Physics teacher, before Charlie's wife comes over to them. He is not caught and gives a very freaky smile at the end.

Genre: Action   Crime   Drama   Horror   Mystery   Thriller


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