A Love to Remember

A Love to Remember

Release Date: 11 Apr 2021

Country: Canada

Director: Aubrey Arnason


IMDb: 5.8

Actors: Rhiannon Fish, Edward Ruttle, Havana Guppy, Eileen Pedde

Duration: 85 min

Tenley Sweeney is a San Francisco based horticulturalist with a focus on sustainability. Afraid to put herself out romantically, she has long had a crush on Jared Carr since they met on an online sustainability forum a year ago - his focus on reducing plastics - they never yet having met in person. Urged by her best friend and roommate Cami to take a chance, Tenley does ask Jared out for an in-person date, he agreeing to meet for coffee. When he ends up standing her up, she learns the reason is that he was involved in a bicycle accident en route to their meeting, he in the hospital unconscious with a concussion. In the rush to be by his side, Tenley, at the hospital, is unaware until after the fact not only that the hospital mistook her for Jared's wife, but that she signed the consent form for them to continue treatment, which ended up saving his life. In this confusion, she is also mistaken as his wife by his family: his parents Lynn and Ronnie, his two teenage sisters Betsey and ...

Genre: Romance


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