100 Things

100 Things


IMDb: 6.3

Actors: Matthias Schweighöfer, Artjom Gilz, Katharina Thalbach

Duration: 111 min

In Berlin, Paul Konaske and Anton (Toni) Katz have been best friends since childhood, Paul's parents, Renate and Wolfgang Konaske, took Toni in when his own parents went traveling the world without him; his mother who is still traveling the world. Paul and Toni now live one floor apart in big-boy-toy-filled loft apartments. They are also business partners in a small (12 employees) tech business and are able to lead very comfortable lives and buy anything they want. In the partnership, Paul is the creative and tech genius, Toni the business thinker. While making an open pitch to famed temperamental American venture-capitalist David Zuckerman to fund Paul's app on an artificial intelligent device voice assistant which begins to learn the individual mood of its owner, Paul learns that Toni believes he cannot go without constantly buying whatever man-toy he sees. Paul believes the same about Toni--specifically, anything to enhance his already-great looks; in a drunken rant, Paul bets Toni that he can go longer without material possessions. With their staff invested in the bet and in the sober light of day, the ultimate bet becomes that they are both stripped of all their possessions, excluding food and shelter, the former to be rationed by their staff, and will receive one material possession back per day, the bet to last no longer than 100 days, to end at any time if one or the other gives up. They might find that real life throws additional wrenches into the bet. They find their partnership and friendship is put to the test, especially when in the process they meet a mysterious young woman named Lucy who is facing her own life crises.—Huggo

Genre: Action   Comedy   Drama


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